Welcome to the New Members of the Markham Board of Trade

360°kids – 360kids.ca Accountapotamus Inc. – accountapotamus.com Advanced Accounting & Tax Solutions Inc. – taxatoz.com Amoils Photography – davidamoils.com Arivano – arivano.com Atlantis Health, Beauty & Laser Clinic – atlantisclinic.ca Auction Network – auctionnetwork.ca AxDen Solutions Inc. – axden.com Azmon Accounting Inc – azmonacc.ca Balis Academy – balis.ca Beyes Dental Canada, Inc. – beyes.ca Bit64 Solutions Ltd. – rjclip.com Boffin Language Group Inc. – boffin.com Business Point – businesspoint.ca Business […]

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Putting the Spotlight on Successful Markham Businesses

By Caroline Poole Here are two local businesses recognized at the Markham Board of Trade’s Business Excellence Awards. This year’s Gala will be held on November 10th. Visit markhamboard.com for more information.   Doxim 2015 Business Excellence High-Quality & Service Award Winner Over fifteen years ago, Doxim formed to help financial service organizations—banks, credit unions, wealth management, and service providers—digitalize their businesses by moving from paper to electronic communication. After taking […]

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Get to Know Markham’s New Council Members

We recently interviewed the newest additions to City Council—Karen Rea, Amanda Collucci, and Nirmala Armstrong—to get their thoughts on transitioning into their new roles, as well as to get to know them on a personal level. In this first installment of a two-part article, you’ll meet Councillor Rea, whose ward (Ward 4) is also a recent addition to the City of Markham.   Why did you become a city councillor? After attending so […]

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Interviewing Made Easy with 5 Free Apps

by Daniella Postavsky Interviews are always a stressful process. It’s a good thing there are an endless array of free apps to make sure you’re prepared on the big day!   Interview Question and Answers When it comes to preparing for interview questions, this app has got you covered. Select from a range of question categories and save your previous answers to keep track of your improvements. The app also […]

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The Career Code

Business Reading – Brought to You by the Markham Public Library

New Grad Job Hacks: The Complete Guide to Getting a Job After You Finish College by Matt Tran Just graduated college? Still waiting for the perfect job that was supposed to be dropped in your lap after the graduation ceremony? Wondering when you get to start that marvelous and rewarding career you’ve always dreamed about? New Grad Job Hacks is here to help. Career-expert YouTuber and blogger Matt Tran takes […]

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The New Frontier of Medication Management

by Caroline Poole Pharmaceutical Innovation is a company that designs and engineers products that cater to a too-often-ignored audience: the elderly and those with vision loss, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. The idea for Pharmaceutical Innovation was born through a conversation between Tamer Mikhail and a close family member who was diagnosed with type A diabetes. After losing a significant portion of her sight, she spoke to Mikhail about the difficulties she had […]

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Is Instagram the Platform for You?

by Lazarus James Now with over 400 million active users—that’s more than Twitter—Instagram has become one of today’s most influential social media platforms. The surge in popularity of Instagram reflects a new trend in the way social media users are interacting online. Rather than communicating verbally, users today are communicating visually, and this creates a unique opportunity for businesses. A platform based on photo and video sharing, Instagram allows you […]

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You’ve Been Hacked: The Rise in Cyber Crime and Why We’re So Vulnerable

by: Meghan Behse In 2014, an iCloud breach, later coined “Celebgate” by some, took the world by storm as A-list celebrities’ most compromising personal photos were leaked on the web after their cloud-storage accounts were hacked. Just about everyone with a smart phone was talking about security and privacy. And changing their passwords. But as individual consumers we can only do so much to protect ourselves from cyber criminals. In […]

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From Nanodegrees to Mini-MBAs: The Micro-Education Trend

by: Meghan Behse Remember when the “Education” section of a resume was two brief lines outlining the institution attended and the degree or diploma earned? Well, today, that little corner of the CV is exploding with certifications and credentials, often from programs employers have never heard of. The reason behind this trend in continued education is simple: an increase in both supply and demand. The upswing in demand can be […]

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