The Shifting Landscape of HR Law: How to Meet Your Obligations and Set the Stage for Growth

If your organization is like most, your team is working harder than ever to stay current and comply with fast-shifting labour and employment laws. From expanding human rights protections to new workplace investigation requirements, ensuring compliance with these changes is important to attracting, retaining, and engaging the right employees in a highly dynamic talent marketplace. Take the introduction of Bill 132 last year, legislation that amends the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment […]

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The Way Forward: A gridlock-free Markham requires green solutions

By Kathryn Willms Some days it feels like there is no topic more contentious than transportation. Road tolls. Bike lanes. Autonomous vehicles. The rising costs of infrastructure and land, and growing concerns about global warming, mean that the intensity of these conversations will only escalate. But the picture isn’t all bleak. In Markham, and small cities like it, personal vehicles used to be the only way to get from A […]

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Listen and Earn: Amplify Your Business Through Podcasting

By Daniella Postavsky Two years ago, podcasting exploded onto the scene thanks to the radio series “Serial.” Today, podcasts – audio files that are distributed online – are powerful tools to reach audiences in a less intrusive but more intimate way than traditional advertising. Here are the top three reasons to use podcasting to promote your business: The audience: Podcast audiences have grown steadily in the last four years. As […]

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A Fairway to Do Business: Tips for Doing Business on the Golf Course

by Genevieve Chornenki As summer approaches, it might be time to consider leaving the office and getting some work done! Many Markham business people like to golf, and a lot of deals are struck on the greens. But the wrong approach on the course can sink your chances of success. Here’s what to keep in mind. Focus on people, not profits. Business flows from good relationships. Show a genuine interest […]

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Markham Businesses Going Green: Sustaining the Earth and the Bottom Line

by Sophia Reuss As the conversation around climate change continues to heat up around the province, businesses are being challenged to convert all the talk about sustainability into meaningful change. Examples of what this might look like are not hard to find. For Markham businesses, going green is an idea that has taken root. And although the approaches vary, there is a growing consensus: the future must be green. In […]

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Green on the Go: Four Earth-Friendly Apps

By Jen R Albert Interested in becoming part of the green revolution but don’t know where to start? Whether you want to commute smarter, to take action, or to shop greener, these earth-conscious apps will put you on the path to eco-friendly living, and they might even save you some money along the way. Travel Green blancride (Android, iOS) blancride is the Greater Toronto Area’s premier rideshare app. It combines […]

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Saying Goodbye to Donald Cousens: Mayor and Icon

On February 23rd, Markham lost a pillar of its community with the passing of former mayor Donald Cousens. Flags at city facilities were lowered as people remembered a man whose influence in Markham and York Region will live on. Cousens served as mayor from 1994 to 2006. He entered politics in 1981 when he was elected to the Ontario legislature. He went on to become Minister of Correctional Services, Parliamentary […]

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The Future Lives Here: The IBM Innovation Space

Markham Convergence Centre Opens at IBM’s Markham Headquarters By Jen R Albert There is much talk today about “innovation,” “collaboration,” and more specifically “disruptive collaboration,” which creates a new market and value network, eventually displacing established market-leading firms, products and alliances. To build on this phenomenon and Markham’s growing tech cluster, IBM approached the Markham Convergence Centre (MCC) to move into their new IBM Innovation Space. As members of the Markham […]

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Exemplary Markham Businesses Recognized at Annual Business Excellence Awards Gala

by Sharon Clark-Koufis, Marketing & Events Manager, Markham Board of Trade The theme was James Bond 007. The mission? To reveal the recipients of Markham Board of Trade’s 26th Annual Business Excellence Awards. On November 20, 2016, that was done in style, with black tuxedos, stirred martinis, a casino, and even a chance to view up close one of Bond’s most noteworthy gadgets, a Lotus sports car. From a record […]

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New Entrepreneurs

Greening Your Small Business: How to Improve Your Bottom Line, Grow Your Brand, Satisfy Your Customers — and Save the Planet

by Jennifer Kaplan Greening Your Small Business is the ultimate resource for small business owners who want to go green without going broke. If you want to be cutting-edge, competitive, profitable, and eco-conscious, this is the book for you. Filled with stories from small business owners of all stripes, Greening Your Small Business addresses every aspect of going green, from basics such as recycling, reducing waste, becoming energy efficient, and minimizing […]

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