Markham Businesses Going Green: Sustaining the Earth and the Bottom Line

by Sophia Reuss As the conversation around climate change continues to heat up around the province, businesses are being challenged to convert all the talk about sustainability into meaningful change. Examples of what this might look like are not hard to find. For Markham businesses, going green is an idea that has taken root. And although the approaches vary, there is a growing consensus: the future must be green. In […]

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Building for the Future: Commercial Real Estate and Development in Markham

By Kathryn Willms When people talk about the hot real estate market in Markham, they’re typically talking about houses. There is some irony in the fact that, while residential real estate dominates the national conversation, an inquiry into its more tempered counterpart, commercial real estate, reveals the longer-term trends that may shape not only the housing market but the future of our cities themselves. In Markham, the state of commercial […]

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You’ve Been Hacked: The Rise in Cyber Crime and Why We’re So Vulnerable

by: Meghan Behse In 2014, an iCloud breach, later coined “Celebgate” by some, took the world by storm as A-list celebrities’ most compromising personal photos were leaked on the web after their cloud-storage accounts were hacked. Just about everyone with a smart phone was talking about security and privacy. And changing their passwords. But as individual consumers we can only do so much to protect ourselves from cyber criminals. In […]

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Meet the Man Behind Downtown Markham

by Sarah Sweet Just a few weekends ago, Rudy Bratty found himself turned away from a condo presentation centre. The place was packed. “I’m sorry, sir, there’s no spot to park,” an apologetic attendant explained. But Bratty wasn’t the least bit frustrated. “I can’t tell you how happy you make me feel to say that,” he said, before driving off again. There’s a good reason that Bratty was delighted rather […]

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Bending Reality: Dhan Balachand’s Headset Will Take You Anywhere

When Dhan Balachand sat down with journalist Mary Bitti, he candidly discussed his inspiration for launching Sulon Technologies and the endless possibilities of its signature product, the Cortex. But it became clear that there was a lot he couldn’t talk about; marketing plans, launch dates, and the latest product specs remain shrouded in secrecy. But this is no surprise. As an emerging innovation company rivalling giants like Google, Sulon’s mystery is a tactic of competitive survival. And Balachand’s Cortex […]

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Taking Aim for Gold: The Pan Am Games a Bull’s Eye for Markham’s Daniel Ng

Markham resident and business owner Daniel Ng is excited. At 42, he is preparing for this summer’s Pan American (Pan Am) Games both as a competitive athlete and entrepreneur. Making it past the last hurdle, team trials to be held in Montreal at the end of May, will mark the ultimate realization of his passion for archery, a sport he discovered when he was four years old and that is […]

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Building Robots, Changing Futures: Preparing Today’s Students for the Jobs of Tomorrow

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. Today’s teenagers are scratching their heads over rotary dial phones and tape cassettes; twenty years from now, they could be parents to children who are bewildered by desktop computers and cars that can’t drive themselves. Preparing our newest generation for jobs of the future is a vital and complex challenge. Journalist Sarah Sweet talks to Markham entrepreneur Ramy Ghattas about robots, hands-on education, […]

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