The Shifting Landscape of HR Law: How to Meet Your Obligations and Set the Stage for Growth

If your organization is like most, your team is working harder than ever to stay current and comply with fast-shifting labour and employment laws. From expanding human rights protections to new workplace investigation requirements, ensuring compliance with these changes is important to attracting, retaining, and engaging the right employees in a highly dynamic talent marketplace. Take the introduction of Bill 132 last year, legislation that amends the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment […]

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Tearing Down the Walls: The Evolution of Office Space

by Meghan Behse As commercial development continues to expand in Markham, it has brought with it another development: an embrace of unique interior design to rethink the traditional office space. And the results are not just superficial. In fact, interior design may be responsible for changing the way we work. “People are trying to change the whole flow,” says Julie Anne Smedley, President of POI Business Interiors. “Businesses are now […]

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What’s Hot in Employment Law: Making the Case for Employment Agreements and Workplace Policies

In this two-part series, we call on the expertise of two Markham law firms specializing in employment law to discuss common legal challenges employers face and how best to navigate new laws and emerging trends that may affect your business.= Jian Ghomeshi. The Germanwings plane crash. FHRITP: the acronym that shall not be googled. Some of the biggest news stories of the past year have had one thing in common: […]

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Trading Suits for Slippers: The Work from Home Debate

Call it the twenty-first century dream: you wake up, grab a coffee, and step into your home office to start your workday. There’s no need to iron that dress shirt. For many employees, this dream is becoming a reality. But is working from home the ideal solution it’s sometimes perceived to be? It’s a complex debate for employers and employees. Understanding the practice’s advantages and disadvantages is key to its […]

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Expert Advice for Your Business: Keeping Good People

What are some of the biggest challenges you face growing and managing your business? Following a busy summer, we talked to Jenny Vargas of Vargas Family Roofing & Exteriors Inc. and she had this honest experience to share: “We are struggling with finding and retaining employees with the work ethic, vision, and passion needed to succeed in this business. We want to be a great place to work while providing excellent […]

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Perks @ Work: Building Community and Culture

Most companies identify their people as their most valuable assets. And in an era of global economies, advancing technology, and constant connectivity, relationships between companies and their employees have never been so complex. As employees check emails in between bedtime stories, employers are stepping up to address their wellness with strategies that go beyond traditional benefit plans. We are in the age of the perk. Perks have always existed in […]

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hand giving the baton to another seen from below. Focus on the hand with the baton warm tones accented because it was shooted at sunset.

Succession Planning: It’s Your Retirement Plan

You’ve built a sound and successful business – everything is running smoothly. But what are your plans for the future? When do you get to retire? What happens to the business when you’re no longer at the helm? Having a sound business succession plan in place will help reassure not only you, but also your employees, clients, and family and to you. In a November 2012 report, the Canadian Federation […]

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