Listen and Earn: Amplify Your Business Through Podcasting

By Daniella Postavsky Two years ago, podcasting exploded onto the scene thanks to the radio series “Serial.” Today, podcasts – audio files that are distributed online – are powerful tools to reach audiences in a less intrusive but more intimate way than traditional advertising. Here are the top three reasons to use podcasting to promote your business: The audience: Podcast audiences have grown steadily in the last four years. As […]

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Markham Businesses Going Green: Sustaining the Earth and the Bottom Line

by Sophia Reuss As the conversation around climate change continues to heat up around the province, businesses are being challenged to convert all the talk about sustainability into meaningful change. Examples of what this might look like are not hard to find. For Markham businesses, going green is an idea that has taken root. And although the approaches vary, there is a growing consensus: the future must be green. In […]

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Green on the Go: Four Earth-Friendly Apps

By Jen R Albert Interested in becoming part of the green revolution but don’t know where to start? Whether you want to commute smarter, to take action, or to shop greener, these earth-conscious apps will put you on the path to eco-friendly living, and they might even save you some money along the way. Travel Green blancride (Android, iOS) blancride is the Greater Toronto Area’s premier rideshare app. It combines […]

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The Future Lives Here: The IBM Innovation Space

Markham Convergence Centre Opens at IBM’s Markham Headquarters By Jen R Albert There is much talk today about “innovation,” “collaboration,” and more specifically “disruptive collaboration,” which creates a new market and value network, eventually displacing established market-leading firms, products and alliances. To build on this phenomenon and Markham’s growing tech cluster, IBM approached the Markham Convergence Centre (MCC) to move into their new IBM Innovation Space. As members of the Markham […]

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Fashion Meets Tech: The New Wave of Wearables

  With the recent launch of Spectacles by Snap Inc. (formerly Snapchat), wearables may have finally shed the dorky image of the (in)famous Google Glass and become something consumers actually want to wear. Here is a brief list of other stylish wearables you might want to add to your wardrobe. All prices converted to CAD. Smartwatches and fitness trackers have exploded onto the market in the last few years, but […]

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Interviewing Made Easy with 5 Free Apps

by Daniella Postavsky Interviews are always a stressful process. It’s a good thing there are an endless array of free apps to make sure you’re prepared on the big day!   Interview Question and Answers When it comes to preparing for interview questions, this app has got you covered. Select from a range of question categories and save your previous answers to keep track of your improvements. The app also […]

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Is Instagram the Platform for You?

by Lazarus James Now with over 400 million active users—that’s more than Twitter—Instagram has become one of today’s most influential social media platforms. The surge in popularity of Instagram reflects a new trend in the way social media users are interacting online. Rather than communicating verbally, users today are communicating visually, and this creates a unique opportunity for businesses. A platform based on photo and video sharing, Instagram allows you […]

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You’ve Been Hacked: The Rise in Cyber Crime and Why We’re So Vulnerable

by: Meghan Behse In 2014, an iCloud breach, later coined “Celebgate” by some, took the world by storm as A-list celebrities’ most compromising personal photos were leaked on the web after their cloud-storage accounts were hacked. Just about everyone with a smart phone was talking about security and privacy. And changing their passwords. But as individual consumers we can only do so much to protect ourselves from cyber criminals. In […]

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From Nanodegrees to Mini-MBAs: The Micro-Education Trend

by: Meghan Behse Remember when the “Education” section of a resume was two brief lines outlining the institution attended and the degree or diploma earned? Well, today, that little corner of the CV is exploding with certifications and credentials, often from programs employers have never heard of. The reason behind this trend in continued education is simple: an increase in both supply and demand. The upswing in demand can be […]

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Tech Gadgets to Pair with Your Smart Devices

by Daniella Postavsky It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of gadgets popping up everywhere. But the following items promise to resolve your stress: they pair nicely with your existing smart devices and are guaranteed to make your life easier. Komfy Switch with Camera The Komfy Switch from D-Link does a lot more than turn your lights on and off: its air quality and movement sensor can trigger a […]

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