Digital Disruption: Game-Changing Technology

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This edition, we’re celebrating York Region’s debut of the TAVES consumer electronics show. Forward-thinking and eye-opening, with a hint of futuristic fiction, these reads will inspire and inform anyone looking to leverage technology to transform their lives, business, or career.

The Mesh

Why the Future of Business Is Sharing

by Lisa Gansky

Technological and social advancements have shifted business practices and norms from formulaic models to unique complexities, where consumers have more choices, tools, information, and power. Naming this “the Mesh,” trailblazing entrepreneur Lisa Gansky investigates the structures and developments of new business dynamics, demonstrating how organizations can build strong brands and communities for customers wanting to access, rather than own, goods. Mesh businesses, like Zipcar and Kickstarter, use social media and analytics to provide their customers with what they need, exactly when they need it. Looking at large-scale patterns and real case studies of businesses and social enterprises, The Mesh is an eye-opening guide to the newest wave of information-enabled commerce that’s improving our communities and planet.

Behind Every Good Decision

How Anyone Can Use Business Analytics to Turn Data into Profitable Insight

by Piyanka Jain, Puneet Sharma

Dive into business analytics with this step-by-step guide to optimizing your venture. From increasing revenue and reducing costs to improving products/services and finding creative solutions, analytics are critical to success. Discover the steps and strategies to making informed decisions using just spreadsheet software, the data you need, and your brain. Learn real-world examples and complete activities along the way, creating a business question and plan, finding the necessary data, and examining the results to take action. This ebook is a great complement to the monthly Market Research Workshops organized by the Markham Small Business Centre and Markham Public Library. For more related workshops, check out the MSBC and VentureLAB websites.


How to Go Big, Achieve Success, and Impact the World

by Peter H Diamandis and Steven Kotler

Bold is a how-to guide for increasing capital and bettering lives with exponential technologies, moonshot thinking, and crowd-power. Building on the New York Times bestseller Abundance, Diamandis and Kotler divulge insights from their own high-risk ventures and review the strategies of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and more. Business acceleration, alternative funding models, and brand development will especially appeal to early-stage entrepreneurs—though this motivational read will inspire innovators across the board. Coverage of creative applications for disruptive technologies, including robotics, AI, sensors, and 3D printing, may even prompt you to visit the 3D printers at Cornell Community Centre Library and start brainstorming! If you’re hooked on Salim Ismail’s Exponential Organizations or saw Ismail’s talk at this year’s Global Impact Competition, you’ll love Bold.


Cory Doctorow

In a world where conglomerates crash and multinationals implode, innovation is integral to rescuing world and local economies. Bankers, VCs, and investors scour the planet to finance high-tech micro-ventures in every neighbourhood. Malls are rejuvenated and communities are rebuilt – but how long will it last? Makers may be a work of fiction, but is it far off from reality? This edgy and exciting novel forecasts a grassroots economics system for the technological era and chronicles the journey of its quirky creators. The featured author for 2015’s One Book One Markham, Cory Doctorow writes a gripping fictional account that shines light on poignant issues of intellectual property, business law, entrepreneurialism, economics, and alternative funding models. For details on One Book One Markham, including an open discussion with Cory Doctorow, visit

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