Smart Strategies for Creating a Charitable Legacy

  Canadians believe strongly in giving back to communities, causes, and organizations that are important to them. For many Canadians, philanthropy has become an increasingly important part of overall financial planning. What’s more, Canadians are looking for ways to “do good while doing well” when investing their money. When it comes to charitable giving, you have a number of options that can help you achieve your philanthropic goals, while at […]

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NEW UNIONVILLE HOME SOCIETY – 2014 Business Excellence Accessibility Award Winner

In their mission statement, the New Unionville Home Society (UHS) emphasizes that long-term care is not just about providing a needed service to the community, but to each individual. UHS strives to promote wellness and independence, and ultimately improve quality of life for every client. It is about aging well and living better. Living better means having access to quality facilities and compassionate care, but also ensuring that innovative developments […]

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Ten Reasons to Fall in Love with Windows 10

Windows 10 has arrived, and Microsoft’s newest version of the world’s most popular operating system is earning millions of smiles from critics, gamers, and business folk. Here are some of the highlights: Tested by millions of users The Windows Insider Program gave users a chance to see and shape the operating system from its earliest stages, and by the official launch of Windows 10, four million people were already using […]

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Building Common Ground: Public Spaces for Growth All Around

Public spaces are the cornerstones of a healthy and prosperous community. Historically designed to foster commerce and fuel democracy, the greatest impact of these spaces comes from diverse people and perspectives intermingling. How does this spur growth in our city? In the 2012 report Placemaking and the Future of Cities, the United Nations examined how public spaces “facilitate social capital, economic development and community revitalization” (1). Their Project for Public […]

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Don’t Do It All: Expand Your Reach by Limiting Your Channels

by Katherine Cummings I once worked for a company that was active on an entire range of popular social media accounts. While I applauded their audacity and excitement to make their mark in the digital sphere, this impacted their strategy negatively and ultimately made for a bad return. We were so busy trying to do it all that we were spread too thin. As a result, our showing on each […]

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Expert Advice for Your Business: Keeping Good People

What are some of the biggest challenges you face growing and managing your business? Following a busy summer, we talked to Jenny Vargas of Vargas Family Roofing & Exteriors Inc. and she had this honest experience to share: “We are struggling with finding and retaining employees with the work ethic, vision, and passion needed to succeed in this business. We want to be a great place to work while providing excellent […]

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Perks @ Work: Building Community and Culture

Most companies identify their people as their most valuable assets. And in an era of global economies, advancing technology, and constant connectivity, relationships between companies and their employees have never been so complex. As employees check emails in between bedtime stories, employers are stepping up to address their wellness with strategies that go beyond traditional benefit plans. We are in the age of the perk. Perks have always existed in […]

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Digital Disruption: Game-Changing Technology

Business Reading and Professional Development This edition, we’re celebrating York Region’s debut of the TAVES consumer electronics show. Forward-thinking and eye-opening, with a hint of futuristic fiction, these reads will inspire and inform anyone looking to leverage technology to transform their lives, business, or career. The Mesh Why the Future of Business Is Sharing by Lisa Gansky Technological and social advancements have shifted business practices and norms from formulaic models […]

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Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in this province. Nearly 80 percent of Ontarians over the age of 45 suffer from a chronic illness such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis, and as the population ages, the challenges involved in caring for this large and diverse population will grow – and so too will the economic burden on the health care system. In Canada, it is […]

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Tech Gadgets: Power Up!

Just about everyone is now reliant on multiple devices and 24/7 accessibility. It comes as no surprise, then, that some of the exciting innovations available this fall seek to free you from that wall outlet and keep you moving. Mophie’s Juice Pack H2PRO While Mophie’s latest generation iPhone 6 case isn’t the sleekest on the market, it’s certainly the most hardcore and multi-functioning. The Juice Pack H2PRO contains a 2,750 […]

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