The Rise of the Corporate Blog: Is Blogging Right for You?

Marketing your business online is now a necessity, but it can be extremely complicated, and the techniques and tools are ever changing. Even more discouraging is the difficulty, despite analytics tools, of measuring return on marketing spend (ROMS). For these reasons, there’s no foolproof guide to online marketing. But what we do know (for now) is that the more new, relevant material you create online, the better your business’s search […]

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Don’t Do It All: Expand Your Reach by Limiting Your Channels

by Katherine Cummings I once worked for a company that was active on an entire range of popular social media accounts. While I applauded their audacity and excitement to make their mark in the digital sphere, this impacted their strategy negatively and ultimately made for a bad return. We were so busy trying to do it all that we were spread too thin. As a result, our showing on each […]

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Content Marketing 101

Content marketing is the way of now. It embodies creating interesting content, publishing it across your distribution channels (social media, website, blog), and sharing it with your customers and future customers with the sole purpose of generating conversions. Content marketing is proving to be the most effective way to capture and retain the attention of your future customers. But what is it really? Content marketing replaces the traditional method of advertising to your customers. […]

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