A Virtual Care Community

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in this province. Nearly 80 percent of Ontarians over the age of 45 suffer from a chronic illness such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis, and as the population ages, the challenges involved in caring for this large and diverse population will grow – and so too will the economic burden on the health care system. In Canada, it is […]

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Tech Gadgets: Power Up!

Just about everyone is now reliant on multiple devices and 24/7 accessibility. It comes as no surprise, then, that some of the exciting innovations available this fall seek to free you from that wall outlet and keep you moving. Mophie’s Juice Pack H2PRO While Mophie’s latest generation iPhone 6 case isn’t the sleekest on the market, it’s certainly the most hardcore and multi-functioning. The Juice Pack H2PRO contains a 2,750 […]

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Winter Is Coming! Apps to Help You Survive (or Love) the Cold

by Meghan Behse The Weather Network Nothing helps you combat the ice and cold like being prepared. While the Weather Network’s app is no newbie, it continues to be the most reliable weather forecaster for your phone or tablet. Check current, short-term, and long-term weather, receive severe weather alerts, and track incoming storms with their radar maps. The new follow-me function tracks a forecast within one kilometre of your location, […]

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