Green on the Go: Four Earth-Friendly Apps

By Jen R Albert

Interested in becoming part of the green revolution but don’t know where to start? Whether you want to commute smarter, to take action, or to shop greener, these earth-conscious apps will put you on the path to eco-friendly living, and they might even save you some money along the way.

Travel Green

Blancride_Logoblancride (Android, iOS)

blancride is the Greater Toronto Area’s premier rideshare app. It combines a user-friendly interface with a smart list of features, including a matching algorithm, cash-free payments, and an in-app rider-driver chat, to help you get around simply and affordably by connecting you with drivers going the same direction. The app is relatively new, so you might not be able to find the exact ride you need just yet, but with its elegant design and growing user base, blancride is poised to change commuting in the GTA and beyond.

Buy Green

GoodGuide_LogoGoodGuide (Android, iOS)

GoodGuide is humble in design but powerful in concept; use your phone’s camera to tap into a database of thousands of common consumer products. Each product page has information on ingredients, and GoodGuide rates each product from 1 to 10, using algorithms developed by environmental and health-science experts to determine how health-conscious and eco-friendly the product is. This app will help you make greener purchases with just the scan of a barcode.

Connect Green

#climate_Logo#climate (iOS)

#climate is a social app that helps you connect with fellow eco-activists and enthusiasts, stay up to date on environmental action points, and mobilize followers and friends to create sustainable change. Stylish and efficiently designed, the app zeroes in on environmental categories and locations, and provides a list of trusted causes and institutions that you can contribute to and forward on to your followers. #climate also lets you track your successes so you can know what waves you’ve made in the tide of environmental change.

Live Green

Oroeco_LogoOroeco (Android, iOS)

A team of developers from Stanford, MIT, and UC Berkeley developed this eco-lifestyle app to help users track the environmental impact of their consumer activities. The app taps into your account and links your purchases to a smart life-cycle assessment calculator that tracks the ecological impact from conception to disposal of products, services, and investments. By providing stats and connecting with other users, this app gamifies the way you spend your money in a fun and interactive way.

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