Interviewing Made Easy with 5 Free Apps

by Daniella Postavsky

Interviews are always a stressful process. It’s a good thing there are an endless array of free apps to make sure you’re prepared on the big day!


Interview apps_image Interview Question and Answers

When it comes to preparing for interview questions, this app has got you covered. Select from a range of question categories and save your previous answers to keep track of your improvements. The app also includes handy handshake tips, grammar exercises, and resume samples.Not available for iOS.


Back Exercises_imageDaily Back Exercises

Making a good first impression is crucial to a successful interview, and posture can play a huge role in making that happen. With the Body Program posture app, you’ll never have to worry that slouching will spoil your chances. Not available for iOS.


Interview Q&A_imagePerfect Tie – How to Tie a Tie

Make sure you look your best with this illustrative guide to tie tying. The app includes 21 different knots with varying difficulty ratings and a recommendation for when to use each one.



Have plenty of time before your interview with Citymapper. This app helps you find the best routes for your trip by combining all possible travel methods, along with real-time updates for bus, streetcar, and subway routes. It’ll even send you an alert before your stop.


Meditation_imageFree Meditation – Take a Break

Let’s face it, we all get anxious before an interview. Calm down quickly while you’re waiting with a 13-minute stress relief guided meditation.


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