Launching 2016: New Business Kick-Off

Rejuvenating and re-energizing, the new year is prime time for fresh perspectives and growth! Whether you’re an independent innovator or a seasoned professional, you can jump-start your business strategy and professional ambitions with these dynamic and inspiring reads.

The New Business Road Test

What Entrepreneurs and Executives Should Do Before Writing a Business Plan

by John Mullins

Have an idea for a venture? Want your business to run optimally in 2016? In this engaging and practical read, John Mullins of the London Business School sets out a seven-part framework for any market or endeavour. With clear steps and checklists, he outlines how to test and improve your idea by assessing both your industry and your business team. Highlighting examples of successful and unsuccessful companies, Mullins emphasizes how research and analysis will contribute to your confidence and help you deliver persuasive pitches and develop strong relationships with investors and customers alike. Further support and local resources for market research are available for free through the Markham Small Business Centre and Markham Public Library.


For Better or for Work

A Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs and Their Families

by Meg Cadoux Hirshberg

How can someone who is consumed by his or her newborn company live happily with others who are not? According to a 2009 US survey, nearly 70 percent of entrepreneurs were married and 60 percent had one or more children when they launched their business (Kauffman Foundation). In this supportive and compelling account, the spouse of Stonyfield Yogurt president interviews hundreds of entrepreneurs and their families for tips and tools to help families and businesses succeed. From living alongside a home business and borrowing from family and friends to working with siblings, stories from every scenario imaginable are open for discussion. This personable and factual narrative discusses strategies to help you successfully pursue your passions at home and at work, and is a reminder that through late nights and financial challenges, entrepreneurs and their families are on the journey together.


From Idea to Exit

The Entrepreneurial Journey

by Jeffrey Weber

Covering the mystery, fear, and risk of starting, running, and selling a business, Jeffrey Weber shares the inspiring and informative journey of business success for those with entrepreneurial envy. Through the four phases of idea, startup, running a company, and exiting a company, get ready to channel your innovative drive into business practices and processes to achieve your professional goals. First-time entrepreneurs, innovative employees, small business owners, and corporate leaders will find motivation, insights, and actionable steps in this entertaining and comprehensive guide.



The New Industrial Revolution

Chris Anderson

Beginning in 1776, the first industrial revolution doubled the average human lifespan. Following developments in manufacturing, widespread access to desktop publishing revolutionized creativity, and Internet access changed distribution lines. Now Chris Anderson, editor of Wired magazine, shares how this digital shift has led to a third revolution. Small-scale manufacturing with technologies like 3-D printers and laser cutters make custom creations and production more accessible than ever for entrepreneurs, innovators, and DIYers – while also supporting growth in local economies. If you have an invention you’ve been dreaming of prototyping, or a unique custom creation you’d like to make a reality, this read provides the background and big-picture insights to jump-start your venture. To see 3-D printers in action, and try them for yourself, head to the Cornell Community Centre Library.


Amanda Kelly is the Business Community Librarian at the Markham Public Library. You can email her at

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