Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Community Volunteers Unite

“It’s an interesting experience,” comments YPN member JamesYPN_3 Bortolus. “You kind of just have to be here.” James is referring to the buzzing room of 20- to 30-year-olds busy chatting and laughing at a networking evening out at the new Milestones in Markham. “Honestly, these get bigger every time. Soon we’ll need a whole bar,” James laughs.


YPN stands for the Young Professionals Network, a Markham Board of Trade group that offers networking events to members under forty. James explains that while they only meet once a quarter, people mingle like they’ve known each other for ages.

Markham Board of Trade Aspire Awards 2015

Bill Hutton also mentions that for young professionals, these events aren’t just about networking and having fun. They’re also opportunities to discuss with your own peers the advantages as well as the difficulties of starting off in the business world. “Let’s say someone is encountering a challenge at work and they want a place to share experiences: This is the place to do that.”

Costs to attend YPN events are based on venue. YPN is easiest to reach through Facebook ( ), or if you’d like to join their email list, just send them an email at

Nominate a Coworker, Employer, or Friend for This Year’s ASPIRE Awards

Markham Board of Trade Aspire Awards 2015

YPN’s third annual ASPIRE Awards celebration will take place later this year, where three young professionals will be honoured. YPN needs your nomination from Markham’s business community. The group is interested in individuals under forty who are achieving great things professionally and are involved in the community. This person can be a recent graduate, an entrepreneur, a small business employee, or someone thriving in a corporate environment. The goal of the ASPIRE Awards is to recognize young professionals excelling in the community, but also to inspire the next generation of business leaders.

If you’re an employer or community member who knows of a great ASPIRE Awards candidate, email your nomination to Calvin at

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