Don’t Do It All: Expand Your Reach by Limiting Your Channels

by Katherine Cummings

I once worked for a company that was active on an entire range of popular social media accounts. While I applauded their audacity and excitement to make their mark in the digital sphere, this impacted their strategy negatively and ultimately made for a bad return.

We were so busy trying to do it all that we were spread too thin. As a result, our showing on each platform was lacklustre and did not reflect our efforts.

Companies may feel the need to cover all the bases, which is fine if they’re looking to build a mogul and have the same presence as Google. For many brands, this is not the right solution. Instead, it is best to zero in on a couple platforms, and here’s why:

  1. It strengthens your community.

A strong community and increased ROI are the two ultimate goals of social media. If your community manager is able to focus on a select number of platforms, they will create better content and ultimately be present more frequently. Heightened response times and a 24/7 presence will create a feeling of reciprocated loyalty. The more you can gain a community’s trust, the greater the likelihood of lifelong customers and brand advocates.

  1. It highlights your strengths.

Certain products just work better on certain platforms. Chances are, if you’ve mastered ways to market your product or service in a traditional way, your expertise will be highlighted if you choose the right platform. This is why Starbucks excels on Instagram – its products are designed to have just the right photographic composition to please its fan base. Ultimately, this leads to better community engagement and loyalty.

  1. It gets the message out to the right customer base.

The different platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses. They appeal to different age groups, genders, areas of the world, mindsets, and behaviours. Each platform has its own unique audience and you will find it is well worth the exploration.

In a world where entrepreneurialism is growing rapidly, it is easy to recommend that one jump into the deep end with digital. Yet, you will find that narrowing your social media platforms will prove your worth faster and greater than you would ever expect.

We will explore the top four platforms in editions to come to help you plan the best strategy for an increased return.  

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