Is Twitter the Platform for You?

by Suzanne Verheul

With 313 million monthly active users, aside from the one billion unique visitors per month, Twitter is still one of the biggest social media platforms to date.

Even though the growth in users has stagnated over the last year and a half while newer platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have become more and more popular, it is still the fourth most visited social media website in the United States.

Via Twitter, customers can easily get in contact with companies and ask them questions in a concise message of 140 characters or less, which they greatly appreciate: Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey recently tweeted that “companies using Twitter for customer service see a +19% lift in customer satisfaction.”

While it still has a big share of the market, younger demographics are exchanging Twitter for newer, more visually oriented apps. Before you invest your time – and money – in building a Twitter following, ask yourself who you are trying to reach. If your target audience mostly consists of 18- to 49-year-olds, this platform is a great place to interact with your customers and promote your products.


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