Coach’s Corner


A Stairlift… Really?

There are no “RSPs” (Registered Stairlift Plans) – nobody ever saves for a stairlift. It isn’t exactly the dream purchase for your retirement. But once you’ve made the realization that you need some help navigating the stairs in your home, you will need to ensure you are making an informed decision.

Why Stannah?

Our reliability and safety allow a Stannah stairlift to simply become a part of everyday life. Globally recognized stairlift quality and unparalleled service set us apart. It is fulfilling for us at Stannah as each day we witness new clients smile when they take their first ride, often to a long-forgotten floor in their home.

Do I Move or Stay in My Home?

When weighing the costs of moving versus remaining in your home, there are several factors to consider and to compare. The cost of moving may include land transfer taxes, agent commissions, HST, movers, legal fees, utility hookups, renovating your new home, and more. Add to that the emotional side of wanting to stay in the home that you love, and all the sudden, a stairlift makes sense!

What’s the Difference?

There are differences in every category of consumer goods, from product design and manufacturing to support, service, and warranty. At Stannah, we believe there is no compromise for quality, safety, and service, and that is why we hold ourselves to the highest of standards. Although some may feel stairlifts are all the same, we have demonstrated around the world that we are second to none when it comes to safety and customer satisfaction.