Putting the Spotlight on Successful Markham Businesses

By Caroline Poole

Here are two local businesses recognized at the Markham Board of Trade’s Business Excellence Awards.

This year’s Gala will be held on November 10th. Visit markhamboard.com for more information. 


2015 Business Excellence High-Quality & Service Award Winner

DOXIMOver fifteen years ago, Doxim formed to help financial service organizations—banks, credit unions, wealth management, and service providers—digitalize their businesses by moving from paper to electronic communication. After taking interest in how these organizations work with their customers, Doxim formed a new mission: to be the leading provider of customer communications management solutions to financial service providers.

This vision benefits both parties: happy customers are returning customers. “The customer experience can lead to loyalty and then you don’t have to replace your customer base,” said CEO Chris Rasmussen. With this strategy, Doxim has created an active net promoter system and conducted customer feedback surveys. These results then influence new organization policies and procedures. Their system has achieved less than 1% annual customer turnover, a testament to receiving the High Quality & Service Award.


Easton’s Group of Hotels

2015 Business Excellence Entrepreneurship Award Winner

Easton's Group of HotelsCEO Steve Gupta’s risk-taking endeavours didn’t end with his immigration to Canada. When most would have advised him not to start a business, Gupta founded Easton’s Group of Hotels.

In 2009, Gupta saw opportunity during hard economic times, and his commitment to Easton’s Group of Hotels has been praised, as their extensive list of awards keeps growing with the latest addition of the Entrepreneurship Award.

His gratitude for Canada’s welcoming hand sparked a belief in the importance of giving back to the community, inspiring him to create jobs for many communities across Ontario. Open jobs turned into a strong team of workers. “We take pride in doing something different,” said Gupta. That difference is the respect each visitor is given, a value instilled by Gupta in response to the kindness he received when coming to Canada.


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