Tech Gadgets to Pair with Your Smart Devices

by Daniella Postavsky

Komfy Switch_imageIt’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of gadgets popping up everywhere. But the following items promise to resolve your stress: they pair nicely with your existing smart devices and are guaranteed to make your life easier.

Komfy Switch with Camera

The Komfy Switch from D-Link does a lot more than turn your lights on and off: its air quality and movement sensor can trigger a camera and send footage or warnings directly to your phone. It’ll let you keep an eye on your home from anywhere.

Amazon EchoAmazon Echo_image

The Amazon Echo is a no-brainer: easy to set up and run by a voice-controlled user interface à la Siri, the speaker makes a sleek addition to the audio universe. Use the speaker to listen to audiobooks, radio, and podcasts, and use the controller (named Alexa) to give you information about the weather or to find songs you’d like to play.

Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480

For anyone bemoaning the plethora of screens that we are now forced to own, this multi-device keyboard fromLogitech Keyboard K480_image Logitech will make your life much easier. The keyboard works with any smart device you own, meaning you’ll never have to worry about lugging your laptop around or using imperfect screen keyboards again. Best of all, it rings in at a very affordable CAD 69.99.

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