Listen and Earn: Amplify Your Business Through Podcasting

By Daniella Postavsky

Two years ago, podcasting exploded onto the scene thanks to the radio series “Serial.” Today, podcasts – audio files that are distributed online – are powerful tools to reach audiences in a less intrusive but more intimate way than traditional advertising. Here are the top three reasons to use podcasting to promote your business:

The audience: Podcast audiences have grown steadily in the last four years. As of 2016, 36% of Americans over twelve listened to podcasts for at least one hour per week. Podcast audiences tend to be young (typically in their 30s) and usually have some form of higher education. They listen to podcasts at work, at the gym, or while commuting.

The intimacy: Ads within podcasts are unique compared to other mediums: they are spoken by the podcast host, rather than by actors or outsiders, and, unlike other forms of advertising, are a continuation of the show instead of an interruption. Podcast ads allow businesses to reach audiences in a more intimate way and at a much lower cost compared to other media.

The relationship: In addition to advertising, many bigger businesses are increasingly opting for branded podcasts (like Tinder’s DTR). Although pricier than podcast advertising, branded podcasts foster business-to-audience relationships and build trust in a brand in a way that other channels cannot replicate. The conversational nature of podcasting is inherently more intimate than print or video.

As audiences continue to move away from traditional forms of media (like cable and print news), podcasting offers businesses an exciting new marketing opportunity.

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