Tech Gadgets: Power Up!

Just about everyone is now reliant on multiple devices and 24/7 accessibility. It comes as no surprise, then, that some of the exciting innovations available this fall seek to free you from that wall outlet and keep you moving.

  1. Mophie’s Juice Pack H2PRO

While Mophie’s latest generation iPhone 6 case isn’t the sleekest on the market, it’s certainly the most hardcore and multi-functioning. The Juice Pack H2PRO contains a 2,750 mAh battery, providing your phone with 100 percent extra battery life. Its integrated power button allows you to choose when to charge, and for how long.

And the H2PRO will certainly keep your device out of harm’s way. With its IP-68 protection, your phone can sustain complete, continuous submersion in water (1.2 m for up to 30 min). It’s also protected against vibrations, shocks, and drops, meeting U.S. Military Standard 810G.

Compatible with iPhone 6

Available August 2015

  1. MOS’s Reach Go

Imagine the convenience of having a full-strength power outlet in your backpack. The Reach Go is close to being just that. It’s the first power bank that can charge a laptop at full speed. (MOS boasts that it can charge your MacBook 2015 three times over.) And its 15,000 mAh battery has a slim design that enables you to bring it everywhere.

Because it uses new USB-C connectors, the Reach Go can charge all of your devices (phone, tablet, and laptop) at the same time, while also acting as a USB 3 hub. This lets you charge and transfer data from one device to another simultaneously.

Compatible with all devices using USB-C

Available October 2015

  1. YOLK’s Solar Paper

YOLK’s Solar Paper will appeal to the eco-friendly and the outdoor adventurer. Its Kickstarter campaign claims it’s the world’s thinnest and lightest solar charger. On a sunny day, the 5-watt solar panel charges a smart phone in just over two hours. Its slim, lightweight design means you can clip it onto just about anything while it charges. And when it’s not in use, the Solar Paper fits into a small notebook. If you’re in need of a more powerful charger for a tablet, laptop, camera, or any other USB-compatible device, additional magnetic panels are available to upgrade your Solar Paper to 10 watts.

Compatible with all devices using USB

First shipments begin September 2015

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