The Rise of the Corporate Blog: Is Blogging Right for You?

Marketing your business online is now a necessity, but it can be extremely complicated, and the techniques and tools are ever changing. Even more discouraging is the difficulty, despite analytics tools, of measuring return on marketing spend (ROMS). For these reasons, there’s no foolproof guide to online marketing. But what we do know (for now) is that the more new, relevant material you create online, the better your business’s search engine optimization (SEO) and the bigger your social media audience. It’s primarily this fact that has led businesses into the world of blogging.

Blogging has a number of high-value advantages. By providing additional website material, it increases your website’s search relevancy and generates useful copy to use on other social media platforms. More importantly for some, it’s a great way to boost your email subscriber list, which can be used for non-social means.

A corporate blog has other, less technical advantages. A blog can help define your company and set yourself apart from your competitors by promoting your core values, showing off your expertise, and encouraging a dialogue with your customers.

But many businesses shudder at the idea of writing and managing a corporate blog, and for good reasons too. Researching, writing, editing, and promoting even a weekly blog post can be expensive – figuratively, in staff time, and literally if you’re contracting out the work – especially for a smaller business with a limited marketing budget. The writing process can also be very daunting to employees and business owners who aren’t trained in the discipline.

So if blogging is not for you, what alternatives are there to promote recognition of your business and stay on top of SEO and social media?

If your company is more comfortable in design, focus on creating a standout logo and tagline that your audience will remember. Incorporate these often in your messaging, and be sure to properly label them so that search engines like Google will recognize them too.

If you are concerned about the amount of staff time required to maintain a blog, invest in a well-formed social media policy instead so that employees who update the platforms you use are consistently deploying keywords and messages that define your company.

Also consider other marketing tactics that are less text-heavy but can be promoted on social media in order to encourage your followers to visit your website and sign up as an email subscriber. Giveaways and exclusive offers are often extremely effective.



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