You and YouTube: Is video marketing right for your business?

By Daniella Postavsky

As the biggest source of Internet cat videos, YouTube is not at the forefront of most business owners’ minds when it comes to social media marketing. But don’t write the popular video-sharing website out of your marketing plan. Here are a few reasons why YouTube might work for you.

YouTube article infographicGoogle Search Integration

Thanks to a recent update, YouTube videos are now embedded in Google’s search results. This presents an opportunity to reach your target audience with a precision that can be difficult to obtain for free on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. To take advantage of this, make sure to carefully tailor your video’s title, description, and tags.

A Large Audience

With over one billion active users, it’s hard to beat the audience you can amass on YouTube. There are innumerable communities of dedicated and niche audiences on the platform. Popular topics (besides cat videos) include video games, beauty and style, and product reviews. In addition to the size of YouTube’s userbase, the platform offers an advantage in that all shares will lead new viewers to the source material, unlike pictures and text, which can be captured in a screenshot.

Video’s Popularity

With video becoming an increasingly popular medium (evidenced by the rise of video-based platforms like Snapchat and Periscope), it makes more sense than ever for businesses to reach out to video-hungry audiences with their own original content. Although more expensive to produce than blogs or Instagram posts, videos can be an efficient and entertaining way to disseminate information while also capitalizing on the trend.

Not sure where to start? Check out the instructional video “Getting Started with YouTube Marketing” on YouTube. To market effectively using YouTube, create a steady stream of new content. Include calls to action in your video (“Please rate this video”). Don’t ask people to buy your product directly; encourage them to check out your website or to sign up for exclusive content to capture email addresses. Take a look at these YouTube channels for inspiration: Lowe’s Home Improvement, Lilly Singh’s (a Markham local) IISuperwomanII, or Pretty Frugal Living.